Intellectuals on Extradition of Turkish Citizens: BiH’s Authorities should show Turkey that BiH is not Its Administrative Unit

Following the announcement by Turkey that it will ask from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) the extradition of its citizens who are linked to the organization FETO which Turkish authorities blame of organizing a terrorist attack on July 15, 2016, numerous intellectuals from BiH asked for stopping of extradition.

In the letter, they stated that they are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of various national, political, religious and professional commitments, who are unique in expressing their concern over the possible outcome of the Turkish demand to take seven of its citizens.

“We want to draw your attention that when making a final decision, you always keep in mind the interest of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens, and not the state that has applied for extradition. Therefore, we remind you that by complying with the Turkish request, the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is directly violated, which protects the freedom of movement, the right to family life, the right to work and the right to life, and that all these rights are endangered by Turkey’s request. The fact that Turkey is seriously violating international conventions with its request, this can to you only be a signal to seriously approach the resolution of the problem,” was stated in the letter.

It does not have to be directly linked, but it is indicative that the country requesting extradition to its citizens will annul the travel document without any judicial process, and its prisons filled with cultural, public, educational workers, journalists, artists of various profiles, which is the best illustration of the improper calculation of the Turkish regime with political opponents.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Turkish demand, followed by the constant pressure of its leadership, including President of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it is required from Bosnia and Herzegovina to consciously violate its own constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, UN Declaration on Human Rights.

If we want to join the society of the modern democratic countries of Europe and the world, you should not allow that luxury.

None of the seven people who are on the list didn’t break any law in BiH, all of them are married, having children, have issued residence permits and work permits. One of them, with his engagement, deserved the Sixth April Prize of the City of Sarajevo, which was canceled under the pressure of Ankara and also some of the politicians in BiH.

“We are living in the assurance that by your decision you will confirm that Bosnia and Herzegovina is no longer a pasaluk (administrative unit in Ottoman Empire), in which the orders from Istanbul are absolutely enforced,” reads the letter signed by Sinan Alic, a journalist and publicist, dr. Esad Bajtal, philosopher, Ahmed Burić, writer, Dženana Druško-Karup, journalist, Ferida Duraković, writer, Hadžem Hajdarević, writer, dr. Kadrija Hodžić, prof. University of Tuzla, dr. Husnija Kamberović, prof. University of Sarajevo, Boro Kontić, journalist, dr. Slavo Kukić, academician and prof. University of Mostar, Dino Mustafić, theater director, dr. Zarko Papic, director of the Institute for better and humane inclusion, Senad Pećanin, lawyer, Srdjan Puhalo, sociologist, Borka Rudic, journalist, and Aleksandar Trifunovic, a journalist.

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