Mostar is ready for 453rd Traditional Jumps on Sunday!

Mostar jumps are the most important event and brand for the city of Mostar and entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mostar is the most visited during the traditional jumps of the Old Bridge. Tourists from all over the world are guests of this pearl of Herzegovina on this day.

Mostar will be the center of the world again on July 28th, on the day of the 453rdt traditional jumps from the Old Bridge.

This year, the city on Neretva is reaching record numbers when it comes to tourist visits. The Tourist Board of HNC announced that the number of tourists in June and July this year is much higher in comparison to the same month last year.

A rich autochthonous offer, as well as cultural events and festivals. significantly contributed to the fact that Mostar is not a city for an overnight stay, but tourists stay for a few days.

The largest number of competitors will be from Mostar.

The jumps from the Old Bridge are unique since they are different from figurative jumps in many ways. There is a total of 196 positions that are a part of a combination of sports and science, and none of the jumps from the Old Bridge are the same, there is only a standard figure.

Mostar jumps should be found on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage as the most important tourist event and brand not only for Mostar but also for the entire BiH.

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