BiH is involved in the initiative of Great Britain on prevention of sexual violence

UK has launched an initiative to prevent sexual violence in armed conflicts, and it is believed that the creator of this initiative is the British Foreign Minister William Hague.

Great Britain will in January 2013 take the chairmanship of the G8, so that the minister Hague with seven other colleagues will be able to discuss, among other thing, the aforementioned initiative.

The theme of this initiative also concerns BiH, especially women who are victims of sexual violence, which is, unfortunately, continued in peace.

Minister Hague said last month during the so-called ”Wilaton Park Conference”’ that BiH is one of the priority countries for the intervention of the British expert team.

Adviser for Communication in Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) team of the British Foreign Affairs Ann Hannah held a meeting with Sarajevo journalists on the occasion of implementation of this initiative.

Hannah pointed that the UK intent is to highlight the issue, not only as one of the essential activities of the Group 8, but also in the Group 20, all with the aim that the issue reaches the Security Council of UN.


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