BiH is lagging in Adoption of the Decisions on engaging in Strategic Gas Projects


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mirko Sarovic attended the First Annual Meeting on Energy Priorities and Leadership in the Eastern Mediterranean in Greece capital Athens, dedicated to reliability of energy supply, gas corridors and the future of oil and gas supply.

During the meetings on energy trends in Southeast Europe, Minister Sarovic emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina is lagging in adopting the decisions on engaging in strategic gas projects that are already being implemented in the Western Balkans, such as the so-called Turkish Stream and the Ionian-Adriatic Gas Pipeline.

โ€œIn making strategic decisions, Bosnia and Herzegovina should be guided by its own need to have a more diversified gas supply,โ€ Sarovic said, adding that this will bring reliability in supply.

BiH does not have its own production of natural gas and is completely dependent on imports currently being made through only one supply route.


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