BiH Medicines Agency has given its Consent for the use of Vaccines produced by “AstraZeneca”

The BiH Medicines Agency has given its consent for the use of vaccines produced by “AstraZeneca”, which Serbia donated to the Sarajevo Canton.

According to the Medicines Agency, the tested sample corresponds to the declared quality requirement in terms of tested parameters and it was determined that the vaccine contains all the data required by applicable regulations and test results within the set quality limits. The deadline for the use of vaccines is June this year.

On April 9, 10,000 AstraZeneca vaccines were delivered to the Sarajevo International Airport by Air Serbia plane, out of a total of 20,000 doses, which Serbia is giving to the Sarajevo Canton.

After the BiH Medicines Agency approved these vaccines for use, vaccination of the elderly and people with chronic diseases should begin in Sarajevo next week. Vaccination will be carried out in the sports hall “Zetra”.

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