Trampuz: The Fourth Wave will affect unvaccinated young people in BiH

“We will have many more infections, and the fourth wave will affect unvaccinated young people. This is very important to prevent deaths,” said Andrej Trampuz, the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Berlin, as a guest in Dnevnik 2.

“We are now in a good situation before autumn or winter, but as soon as people gather indoors, the virus spreads and that is why we need 80 percent of those vaccinated to bring the virus under control,” he said.

What about the third dose and vaccination of children in schools?

“Vaccination of adolescents has already started in Germany, but the most important thing is to protect older people. After six to 12 months, a third dose of any vaccine is needed, ”said Trampuz.

Can a coronavirus mutation occur that will not be affected by the vaccine?

“It will not happen, the virus is mutating, but vaccines are almost 100 percent effective in preventing the spread and deaths,” he added.
According to him, the fewer vaccinated people, the faster the virus will spread.

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