The Japanese Government is Offering Funds to support a soccer academy in BiH?

japanThe Japanese government is offering funds to support a soccer academy in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened by a former captain of Japan’s national soccer team.

Tsuneyasu Miyamoto is preparing to launch a soccer academy later this year in the city of Mostar in the southern part of the former war-torn region.

About 80 children, 7 to 12, from different ethnic backgrounds will be trained in soccer at the school.

The Japanese government will offer about 254,000 dollars’ worth of funds to the city to build a soccer field, a club house and other facilities for the school.

On Wednesday, Miyamoto attended the signing ceremony at Mostal City Hall. Japanese Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Hideo Yamazaki and Mostar Mayor Ljubo Beslic signed the contract.

After the signing, the former captain played soccer with children in a gymnasium.

One boy commented he enjoyed playing with children from other ethnic groups.

Miyamoto said children can get to know each other through sports. He added he wants to do what he can to create an environment for ethnic reconciliation.



(Source: nhk)

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