Workers in Tuzla are not Giving Up

livnica3Workers of Tuzla company Livnice yesterday showed their will to fight on by gathering in a protest in front of Canton court building, while workers of Aida, Dita and Konjuh warned that, unless clear solutions for their problems aren’t presented by Monday, new protests are to be expected.

Tuzla Canton court will issue a verdict today related to the case of a former director and part owner of “Livnica” Drago Jurić who wants company land as compensation for his alleged unpaid salaries, while the workers are left on their own.

“We will pressure the court. Tomorrow is the next session, and Jurić should get 37 acres of land with all of the buildings, for his alleged unpaid 120.000 BAM (71.000$). That property is worth around six million BAM (3.500.000$), so it’s obvious that crime is at work here”, said vice president of Workers Solidarity Union of Tuzla Canton Enes Tanović.

Jurić became owner of Livnica during the privatization, a process all former communist countries took in order to transfer state companies to private hands, but after the illegal activities wore discovered, government once again became owner, however, company has never been revitalized.

At the same time, the workers of company haven’t received a salary for years.

In July last year and investigation was about other criminal activities in “Livnica”, but no information concerning the progress of investigation have been   released.

“Prosecutor’s office should do their work and charge people responsible, and government should start the process of reviving production in the company. Nothing will be accomplished if the investigation goes on for three or four years”, said Tanović.



(Source: revolutionnews)

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