BiH Ombudsmen open Investigation into Abuse of Autistic Boy in Cazin

After a video of the abuse of an autistic student at a high school in Cazin was released, the Institution of the Human Rights Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced today that it had registered the case ex officio and initiated an investigation.

In their statement, they called on the public to calm the tensions, and the necessary prompt action of the competent authorities, in order to enable the efficient completion of the investigation by the competent authorities.

“Various forms of child abuse and neglect often occur together and have a long-lasting effect on the physical and mental development of children. It is very important to do everything in our power to prevent violence, as well as to protect the child when it occurs. Cooperation of all institutions and organizations (judiciary, police, social protection, health, education…), which deal with this problem in different ways, and their coordinated action in which the child’s best priority is the only way to combat violence against children ” , is stated in the Ombudsman Institution.

A scandalous video from “II High School Cazin” was published on the social network Facebook. Namely, one boy bullies a peer, an autistic boy by throwing things at him and forcing him to pick them up. 

“Via the social network Facebook, a video appeared in which elements of peer violence can be noticed, which, based on what was shown, happened in our school and in which the actors are students of our school. Immediately after learning and establishing their identity, the School reacted and reported the case to the authorities, and within its competencies, the School will take the measures prescribed by law. We call on the public to refrain from making inappropriate comments, especially those that encourage further violence. With respect! The principal, Coralic Haris”- wrote on the school’s Facebook profile.

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