BiH Presidency Chairman and Ambassador Moon on Political Priorities in BIH

The BiH Presidency Chairman Nebojša Radmanović received the Ambassador of the US to BiH Patrick Moon today. They spoke of the current political situation in BiH.

Chairman Radmanović and Ambassador Moon exchanged information, opinions and expectations of the two most important questions for the international community and local politicians in BiH. They are the implementation of the ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ case and the Agreement on military property in BiH.

The two agreed that these two questions are a political priority for the BiH government this year.

‘’The US supports its European allies in its latest efforts coming from Brussels, which is that the judgment in the ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ case be implemented as soon as possible. That has to be a priority for all local politicians if the country wishes to move forward’’, said Ambassador Moon.

Chairman Radmanović believes that efforts to find a solution for ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ have to accelerate, because it is directly tied with the next steps of the country towards EU integration.

With this goal, he reiterated that an asymmetrical solution to this question can be a solution, given that, with all its weaknesses, it represents the only real solution in the current circumstances.

The two jointly assessed that tomorrow’s visit of the NATO General Secretary and meetings with BiH political leaders can start the process of negotiating the implementation of the Agreement on military property.

Chairman Radmanović reactualized to Ambassador Moon the issue of the destruction of surplus weapons and ammunition in BiH.

In his opinion, this process is stagnating, which raises concerns regarding the realization of previously planned obligations in this area.

He told Ambassador Moon that the BiH Presidency plans to review the situation regarding this question soon, to confirm a plan and priorities of the activities in this area, and he asked for the continued support of the US Embassy in this process.

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