BiH, Russia sign a Consultation Plan defining common Activities

Visiting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak signed Friday here a Consultation Plan between the two ministries for 2019 and 2020, defining common activities.

After the signing ceremony, Lavrov and his counterpart Crnadak addressed the journalists by saying that there is a mutual interest for improvement in cooperation, especially because the foreign trade is significantly increased due to exports to Russia, and investment projects of Russian companies are being implemented in BiH.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia agrees there is no alternative to Dayton peace Agreement, adding that Russia supports sovereignty, territorial integrity of BiH.

“We highly appreciate what was confirmed at the meeting in the Presidency, hence the interest and strengthening of cooperation with Russia. From our side, we are also interested in the cooperation and trade development with BiH,” Lavrov explained.

There is a constant increase in the trade and commodity exchange between the two countries, especially due to exports to Russia, namely vegetables and fruits and great investment projects that have been realized.

BiH and Russia have some  40 agreements signed that are a formal framework of cooperation, such as Agreement on Work Migrations and Cooperation in Labor and Employment. Soon, new documents will be signed, namely, on avoiding double taxation, on cooperation in terms of culture, and on cooperation in technical sphere, Lavrov explained. He added that great Russian companies are doing business in BiH and that this year, Russia and BiH mark 40 years of cooperation in the oil sphere. “We continue to deliver gas without any problems in BiH,” Lavrov said adding that BiH and Russia have traditionally good relations in the cultural issues as well. Crnadak said that this visit is an important one, stressing that the relations between two countries are good and thanked Lavrov on opening the Russian market for BiH exports, and especially for fruit.

“Relations with Russia are friendly ones, exceptional, on the meeting we spoke on how to enhance them in economic terms and in exchange, and we also spoke on the issue of BiH and the United Nations,” Crnadak said.

Relations between the two countries were established on Dec. 26, 1996.

(Photo FENA/Hazim Aljovic)

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