BiH Union Members at a Conference in Bulgaria

The President of the Federation of Independent BiH Trade Unions Ismet Bajramović is leading a delegation of the BiH Syndicate of Trade Unions today and tomorrow for a regional meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Representatives of nearly all union groups from countries in the former Yugoslavia, as well as Albania, will participate in the meeting. The meeting represents an official start to the three-year project “Question of tax, informal economy and corruption in countries of the Western Balkans-towards better governance and democratic processes”.

The project consisted of experts from syndicates in South East Europe in the legal, economic and communications field.

The end goal is to provide an answer to the question as to what type of society we wish to live in and what is necessary to do in order to fulfill that goal. Colleagues from the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation are providing financial support for this project.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway supports the activities of the project, and the Ambassador of Norway to Bulgaria Katharina Viktor opened the gathering with a speech.

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