BiH won the 3rd Place as a Region of the Future for Foreign Investments

The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) magazine placed BiH on the third place as the region of the future for attracting foreign investment on the basis of business costs for the year of 2018, according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency in BiH (FIPA).

The director of FIPA Gordan Milinic received the award of the aforementioned magazine that ranked BiH as third in the category of medium-sized European regions for foreign investments. Moreover, he also received recognitions for the West Herzegovina Canton and Bijeljina and Zvornik as a representative of BiH.

This great acknowledgment is another proof that BiH is a profitable location for foreign investments and that with solving of some of the crucial shortcomings, which cannot be compensated by promotional activities, it could realize a much larger inflow of direct foreign investment.

Moreover, BiH was included in the competition of 481 locations among the top 10 investment destinations in a total of 7 different categories regarding price competitiveness, FDI strategy and economic potentials. The RS was also included as one of the entities of BiH, as well as the West Herzegovina Canton and Bijeljina, Prijedor and Zvornik.

(Source: ST)


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