Bihać: Investments worth 35 Million BAM in 2015

12825254_1118444764873145_1352141992_nInvestments amounting to 35 million BAM are expected in Bihać in 2015, with the focus on production entrepreneurship, the city administration stated.

Namely, according to the advisor to the mayor, Smail Toromanović, a series of new investments in announced for the current year, which is why Bihać should turn into a large construction site.

“Construction of a factory for fruit and vegetable processing with 75 workers is soon to begin in the city of Bihać. Following that, in the facilities of the enterprise Šipad we will soon have a factory for production of façade nets that should employ 30 workers. A plant for processing of paper packaging will be launched in Kamenica, and the construction of the largest factory for production of pallets at the territory of the Una-Sana Canton is to begin at this locality as well, together with a plant for production of reinforcing mesh,” Toromanović said.

Apart from this, two new business-residential worth six and four million BAM will be constructed. Also planned is the construction of four houses of culture in four local communities in Bihać, as well as the projects of construction of local roads worth 1.7 million BAM. The City Council also approved the construction of five martyr’s memorials, six memorial plaques to ex-camp detainees, as well as one memorial plaque as a sign of gratitude to all defenders of the City of Bihać.

The City Administration highlights that over 160 million BAM of different investments arrived in Bihać in the past 3.5 years, but that at the same time 9.3 million BAM were allocated for the construction of 38 kilometers of road network.

“There is the Bingo facility worth 25 million BAM, FIS facility worth 15 million BAM, facility of Agram worth nearly 40 million BAM and currently under construction, as well as a series of other investments. And of course, what we are proud of is the KfW project, as one of the most significant projects in the region, and the project refers to the drainage and purification of waste waters in Bihać worth 60 million BAM,” Toromanović said.

According to Toromanović, the City of Bihać is the only local community that, comparing data from December 2014 and December 2015, records an increase in employment by around 1.700 persons which is an evidence of transparency of the City Administration and influx of various investments.


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