Products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be placed easier at EU Market

It will soon be significantly easier for our producers, and mostly farmers, to place products on supermarket shelves throughout the European Union.

The European Commission has adopted a package of proposals aimed at increasing trade between the European Union and neighboring countries in the pan-European-Mediterranean (PEM) region, including BiH.

The amendments mostly relate to the rules of origin that are needed because they determine which goods may have priority in preferential treatment in import and export.

The rules of origin allow companies to more easily prove the origin of their goods and to meet the conditions for import at lower customs rates or even zero rate.

“The proposed measures will result in the modernization and modernization of the rules, which, in general, will facilitate the procedures required to obtain a certificate of origin,” explained in the European Commission.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH told “Avaz” that the new rules, which are the result of ten years of negotiations, will be applied in addition to the rules from the PEM Convention.

Prior to leaving for Brussels, the Ministry requested an opinion from the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, the Entity and Brčko District Chambers, the Entity Ministries of Trade, the Government of the Brčko District of BiH and the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH.

The economy and ministries in BiH support the implementation of the revised convention. EFTA, other CEFTA parties and, of course, the EU are interested in its implementation.

If BiH is not interested in bilateral implementation, then it puts economic entities in the country in a less favorable position compared to other PEM contracting parties, is explained the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH.

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