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Tešanj ‘’Zlatni Kap” Will Open A Cheese-making Factory With Support of FARMA Project

The official opening of the cheese factory ‘’Zlatni Kap’’, whose renovation was supported by the USADI/Sida FARMA project, will take place tomorrow in Jelah.

It is expected that the Director of USAID in BiH David Barth and the mayor of Municipality Tešanj Suad Huskić will open the cheese factory.

‘’Zlatna Kap’’ is an agricultural cooperative that is located in the center of the rural part of Municipality Tešanj and specializes in the production of hard and soft cheeses known as ‘’Tešanjski sir’’.

The cooperative employees four permanent and three seasonal workers, and purchases milk from 120 small producers from surrounding villages.

‘’Zlatna Kap’’ produces around 300,000 liters of milk annually and sells around 40 tons of various cheeses, a statement released by the cooperative.

USAID/Sida FARMA project provided extensive assistance through grants for the improvement of production facilities for production and increase of purchases from small producers. Thus, ‘’Zlatni Kap’’ today produces 13 types of cheese, compared to only two types of cheese that were produced before this project was implemented.

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