BiH’s best Athlete Amel Tuka brought Smile on Faces of Children with Cancer


Children and toddlers currently being treated at Pediatrics department played playstation, cards and many other board games with Amel Tuka, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best athlete.

“We played, I’m glad that I came here today because I briefly returned to my childhood and that’s why I’m happy. Kids have a problem, but we are here to create a positive atmosphere, to bring a smile back to their faces. They must not feel neglected and that is what they need in these moments,” Tuka said.

Director of the “Heart for Children with Cancer” Association, Fikret Kubat, informed Tuka on the work of the Parent House and the subsequent projects.

BH Telecom director Sedin Kahriman said that the children were constantly in need of support.

“Since 2013, we have been monitoring the work of the Association and helping children. The most important thing for them is that they do not feel neglected, that they know that they are not different from other children. Children need help to return to school and their friends as soon as possible,” Kahriman said for Avaz newspapers.

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