Bild: Spahic stabilized the Defense of HSV

Spahic Stabilized HSV Defense mopo.deIn the first six rounds of the Bundesliga, HSV won ten points which is the best start of this club in the past six seasons in Germany.

In a statement for Bild, the coach Bruno Labadia, said that HSV is excited about the good opening, with the proviso that there is still a lot of matches and new proving in front of the club.

In their analysis, the journalists of Bild came to a conclusion that the arrival of Emir Spahic in HSV contributed to the better results of this club.

“Emir Spahic stabilized the defense of HSV. So far, he has won more than 66 percent of duels, while he interrupts the opponent’s attack every four minutes on average”, it was stated in the text.

Spahic is playing in the desired form even at the age of 36, and he is still the best BH defense player. In the next round, HSV is to host Schalke 04 at its stadium.


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