Bingo Group: 5,500 Employees in 170 Stores and other Activities

Bingo Group klix.baFor several years now, “Bingo” from Tuzla has not been a retail chain only, but they have expended their activities on production as well (table eggs, brojler chickens, pasta, factory of flips, chips and other snack products) and nowadays the group counts 5,500 employees in 170 stores and other activities.

Our centers are spread across Bosnia and Herzegovina; 28 centers are at the territory of the Republika Srpska, two are at the territory of the Brčko District, and the remaining 140 are in the FB&H. Several openings were planned by the end of 2015, including several small shops in Sarajevo, and on December18 a large center in Trebinje is to be opened,” the company stated.

A special segment in business of Bingo refers to cooperation with domestic producers, i.e. the protection of domestic production.

“Since the very beginning of operating, we had an idea and a vision to become a recognizable domestic brand. Guided by this, we have always tried to provide support to the local companies. All those who came to us and submitted a bid were given a chance. Many of them have evolved into large and reputable companies. There is always enough space on our shelves for domestic products,” the company stated, pointing out that in certain categories the participation of domestic products on the shelves in comparison to the foreign products amounts to 70 percent.

It was announced earlier that Bingo plans to build a solar power plant. It was said about this project that an energy permit was obtained in October for the construction of a solar power plant with installed power of 150 kW and intended annual production of 161,881 MWh, and that the remaining paperwork is being prepared.

Big challenges were ahead of Bingo in 2015– the implementation of the acquisition of Interex, purchase of six facilities of TUŠ, and their previously planned projects regarding the construction and opening of facilities. However, according to the management of the company, everything has been successfully carried out.


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