Bishop Atanasije: Serbian Orthodox Church does not advocate Great Serbia

Bishop AtanasijeResurrection of Christ is the greatest victory for humanity, the biggest battle ever won, said on the occasion of Easter Bishop of Bihac-Petrovac, Atanasije.

Because this event, according to Bishop Atanasije, already has enough messages, enough of inspiration, enough meaning for man and for the community, and not just in one time, but in all times, because it is that kind of the event.

Therefore, stated Bishop Atanasije, with all my heart I invite everyone, regardless of whether they are one of those who accepts Christ, just as it is, as the Son of God or something else. “Because he is a good teacher to everyone, I would say,” added Bishop Atanasije, “to every person, every living being on the face of the earth.”

Bishop Atanasije said that “he would not talk about the behavior of our political leaders.” He noted that he would let them assess their behavior by themselves. But he stated that faithful in Bosanski Petrovac, Bihac, in the territory of the Diocese of Bihac-Petrovac which belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church and people in general in this area are getting along very well.

Besides the construction of the temple of the Holy Trinity in Bihac, Bishop noted that one of the positive examples of the situation in Krajina is that everyone lives together in peace. Common celebration of both Catholic and Orthodox Easter, Eid and other holidays is one of those examples.

“This is very important because we show that we appreciate each other in this way, we respect each other. And that certainly contributes to better understanding. Here in Petrovac, we will have our mayor visiting again this year for Easter, as in previous, and he is Muslim and he is always welcomed. We visit each other. We should manifest what is the best in our faith, then we will be closer to each other. Then we will understand each other and we will create better relationships,” said Bishop Atanasije.

Due to the fact that the Serbian Orthodox Church is often associated with involvement in politics, Bishop Atanasije was asked whether Serbian Orthodox Church advocated in any way the idea of a Greate Serbia, and why it is often associated with it.

“I do not know why it is associated with it so often. I know that the Serbian Orthodox Church does not advocate the Greate Serbia, but we believe that the Serbian people should be in harmony wherever they live, which, I believe, is logical,” concluded Bishop Atanasije.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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