Blagaj: Where the Nature enchants (Video)

600_1479649675alperen-tekkeBlagaj has always been a place which is visited because of its beauty, enchanting nature and history that can be felt every step of the way. Unique environment of the Buna Spring, peace of the tekke and freshness of the Buna River make it a very special place.

The Buna spring is one of the biggest and most beautiful springs in Europe. This is one of the finest examples of groundwater of karst region. The water emerges from underneath a 200-meter long cliff and independently forms the Buna River with its quantity.

Blagaj is today one of the tourist centers of Herzegovina. This is partly due to the fact that Blagaj has eleven national monuments which are attractive and which are often visited by tourists. People also come to Blagaj because of the inimitable taste of trout from the Buna River.

According to the legend, the tekke on Buna spring was established by dervishes of Bektashi order in the 16th century. It is known that the tekke had already existed in the 17th century, and this is testified by Evlija Čelebija who wrote that the Mufti of Mostar Zijaudin Ahmed-ibn Mustafa ordered the construction of a tekke of Helveti order next to the Buna spring, where dervishes lead friendly conversations and scientific discussions.

In the middle of 19th century the tekke is reconstructed by Omer Pasha Latas and since then it belongs to the Qaderi order. The oriental Bosnian architecture attracts attention with its reflection on the calm water surfaces.

The tekke is open for visitors throughout the year and visitors can have a refreshing drink, Turkish coffee or tea in a beautiful garden which looks at the Buna spring.

Take a look at this beautiful video of Blagaj and the surrounding area:


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