Block 6 of the thermal power plant in Tuzla is officially working again

Block 6 of the thermal power plant in Tuzla, whose revitalization has cost around 125 million BAM, was officially put into operation today in the presence of federal and cantonal politicians and the Management of EP B&H. With the revitalization of this block, 215 megawatt of strength, its lifetime is extended for another fifteen years, and after the project of its revitalization, the Management of the company announced the construction of Block 7.

The director of EP B&H, Elvedin Grabovica presented the results of the company for 2012 and said that they are currently preparing the documentation for the construction of Block 7. The construction of the block will begin towards the middle of 2013. EP B&H financed this revitalization and they used the newest technology in its reconstruction.

The annual production of electrical energy of Block 6 is 1.100 GWh which will further enable a reliable and quality distribution of electrical energy for citizens of B&H.


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