‘Blue Diesel’: Who would pay Fuel Cheaper if Excise Duties are increased?

fuel2 (2)The Government of FBiH considered the possible consequences of the increase of excise duties on the state level and requested from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the FBiH to submit information on the possibilities of introducing “blue diesel” for agricultural producers in the FBiH.

This kind of conclusion was already mentioned by the National Assembly of the RS, and it seems that thanks to the entity governments if the fuel prices increase farmers will be in a better position on the state level.

As a very important agenda item on the session, the Government noted the Draft Law on Concessions and the Draft Law on Trade and Related Activities, which were supported by this government.

The Draft Law on Concessions was brought closer to adoption since it was submitted for parliamentary procedure.

The aim of the Law is strengthening the economic development of the FBiH, the creation of an effective legal framework for the promotion and facilitating the implementation and development of concession projects, improving the transparency of the process of awarding concessions, as well as their efficiency and long-term sustainability.

The Government of the FBiH will be responsible for concessions, and by this law, under concession management will be put economic activities, services, and works in the areas of motorways, express roads and main roads, water ports, railways, power generation facilities and terminal for storing liquids and gases, watercourses and hydro accumulations.

They also established the Draft Law on Trade and Related Activities, since the craftsmen are considered to be a very important segment of the economy in the FBiH. Under the new law will be accelerated registration of craftsmen and persons engaged in related activities and that kind of process should be finished in about seven days.


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