Bogic Bogicevic accepted Candidacy for Mayor of the City of Sarajevo

Bogic Bogicevic, at the suggestion of the Social Democratic Party of BiH, accepted the candidacy for mayor of the City of Sarajevo.

A statesman, social democrat who put the well-being of all people in the forefront throughout his political career, longtime member and functionary of the SDP, gladly accepted the invitation of the Social Democratic Party to be the candidate for the first man of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a statement from the SDP BiH, it is added that they informed the partners about Bogicevic’s decision to accept the candidacy. The final decision on the election of the mayor will be made by the new City Council of the City of Sarajevo.

The Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina once again welcomes the success of the joint candidates of the “Four” for mayors in Sarajevo.

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