Bojan Lalić is the European hapkido champion

Bojan Lalić,member of BiH hapkido team won the gold medal at the European Hapkido Championship.

Twelve countries and around 200 participants participated at the competition and BiH was represented by Amel Novalić, Alen Ivković, Anel Hozić, Džejlan Kaltak and their coach was Hamza Malbašić, and also Bojal Lalić, Haris Husić and Edis Botulja, also participated at the competition.

Beside Lalić’s gold medal, Amel Novalić, Anel Hozić and Džejlan Kaltak from Bugojno won bronze medals. In technical disciplines, Anel Hozić won silver medal, Alen Ivković bronze, and in team competition, BiH team won bronze medal.

In the end, BiH team won nine medals, which is a great success for BiH and clubs that participated. Hapkido is an emerging sport in these areas, while in neighboring countries it is not very popular, in BiH it already has a tradition.

Hapkido is a blend of Korean Taekwondo and Japanese Aikido.

It is a form of self-defense that employs joint locks, techniques of other martial arts, as well as kicks, punches, and other striking attacks. There is also the use of traditional weapons, including a sword, rope, nunchaku, cane, short stick, and staff (gun, bō) which vary in emphasis depending on the particular tradition examined.

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