USAID Will Assist in Expanding the Economic Market in BiH

The US Agency for International Development of the US (USAID) will invest a lot of money in BiH in the next few years in order to assist the expansion of the economic market, said the Director of the USAID Mission to BiH David Barth.

He said that USAID would offer financial support through many projects, which are focused on marginalized peoples and on improving the economic environment.

Marginalized people in BiH are all those whose human rights are not protected, from people with disabilities, children without parents and others who require assistance.

Apart from that, Barth says that currently in BiH the problem is high unemployment, particularly among young people, who despite completing their education are unable to find a job.

“We have to keep in mind that no donor will create new jobs on their own. Political leaders are the ones who have to deal with this issue and citizens have to demand that they create a better economic market that would lead to job creation’’, said Barth.

As along as BiH citizens are willing to fight for a better and wider economic space, he stressed that USAID would be there to help them.

The opinion is that political leaders first have to fix the laws that prevent for better economic conditions in the country.

“The lack of harmonization among the laws in the entities is very discouraging for the economic market. For the labor force of young people who will enter the market, it is necessary to be trained in order to be competitive in the economy of the 21st century’’, said the USAID Director to BiH.

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