Book on stećci will be presented this Thursday in HKD ”Napredak”

Monograph on stećci (medieval BiH tombstones) ”Mystery of Boljuni” by Miroslav Palameta, Miro Raguž and Marinko Šutalo will be presented to Sarajevo audience on 7 February at Small Gallery Sv. Ante in Bistrik, in organisation of Croat Cultural Society (HKD) ”Napredak”.

”Mystery of Boljuni” is an illustrated book in mother tongue of BiH citizens and in English, which presents one of the greatest stećci necropolises, the one in Boljuni near Stolac.

Palameta said that the monograph was conceived from two perspectives, one is purely  for those who’ve never been in Boljuni  and it’ll allow them to see stećci; and the second perspectives is scientific and shows various triptychs, poliptihs, visual motifs and compositions on stećci.

Lejla Nakaš, Dubravko Lovrenović, Miroslav Palameta and Miro Raguž will all talk about the book at its presentation.

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