Border between B&H and Serbia: Trucks with Humanitarian Aid stopped

Humanitarian Aid Stopped faktor.baA large number of trucks with humanitarian aid from B&H intended for the refugees from the Middle East, who are currently in Serbia, were stopped at the border between B&H and its eastern neighbor.

That humanitarian aid was collected by different associations and charity organizations from B&H with the intention to help the refugees, but the question is: to which extent will they succeed in their intention?

“As much as we could find out from our colleagues from other associations, the trucks are mostly located at the crossing Mali Zvornik – Karakaj, across which almost all trucks with humanitarian aid from B&H go. We intend to send a convoy of aid consisted of several tow trucks soon and we cannot allow the luxury of halting that food and other necessities at the border. The customs number is requested at the border, although the non-governmental organizations do not possess that document since they are not exporters. A certificate by the veterinary inspection for meat cans is also demanded. The problem is that the particular certificate is issued only if the shipment is uniform, and we have been gathering aid in a way that the citizens, by their own choice, purchased groceries and delivered them to us. Therefore, we could not have ordered them what to buy, nor we would do it anyway”, said Anera Junuzovic, volunteer of the Association Pomozi.ba.

Junuzovic added that it is also requested at the border crossings that clothes and blankets are cleaned in full-service laundries, which would be an excessive cost for the people in the associations.

“The worst of all is that the aid is at the border and hundreds of refugees in Presevo, Kanjiza and other places in Serbia literally have nothing to eat, they need clothes and footwear, blankets, personal hygiene means and other things”, added Junuzovic.

Due to all of this, the citizens’ associations from B&H appealed to the Serbian customs authorities and other institutions to simplify the procedure of import of humanitarian aid in Serbia during the refugee crisis.

“Rain is falling, and people have nothing to protect themselves or blankets to cover themselves. We have it all, we want to help them, but we do not have the opportunity. We will try and we do not give up from the aim to help them, and we are hoping to encounter understanding, since our primary aim is to help those who belong to the most threatened category – women and children”, it was stated in the announcement of the Association Pomozi.ba.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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