Border Police: We have Action Plan for Refugees

refugees1Refugees and immigrants are still avoiding the territory of B&H, but the state authorities are on alert for possible changes of the situation.

“The border police did not register bigger group of refugees coming to the border of B&H in any of the regions. This morning we had information that one attempt of illegal crossing of the person who is not from the area of the Middle East has been recorded,” said a spokeswoman of the Border Police of B&H, Sanela Dujković.

Border Police emphasized that they have a continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of Serbia as well as with all relevant authorities in B&H.

The Council of Ministers of B&H recently adopted information on the assessments and capabilities of B&H regarding the refugee crisis in the region and the EU. Along with the mentioned information, they have adopted the Plan of urgent measures for providing the additional capacities, control and management of inflow of large number of immigrants and refugees in B&H.

That plan defines the specific measures and activities, the relevant authorities for their implementation, deadlines and objectives, and other details. It is also important to mention that the Border Police have performed a number of activities related to this issue in the last 2 months, so the local and regional operational plans for handling cases of inflow of large number of immigrants, that is mass inflow of refugees, have been made.

Framework Plan of action of BC in case of a massive inflow of immigrants on the territory of B&H was made at the central level.


(Source: klix.ba)

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