Borenovic: There will be No Rearrangement of Power at the State Level

borenovicRegardless of the current crisis between the coalition partners in the government, there is no realistic possibility to for a new majority in the Parliament of BiH. This was said by Branislav Borenovic, the president of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP).

After the escalation of the political crisis caused by the revision of the judgment of the International Court of Justice by the lawsuit of BiH against Serbia and Montenegro for genocide, the question of rearrangement of government at the state level was opened.

If the Alliance for Changes that is made of the SDS, PDP and other, would withdraw smaller parties from the government, the majority could be made only by entering of the SNSD and Milorad Dodik in power. Borenovic says that nothing is excluded, but that he does not believe in such a development.

“The fact that SNSD is telling for years that they do not want to enter the power with the SDA and Izetbegovic does not mean anything special, it would not be the first time for them to change their attitude, although I think it is politically unrealistic to come up with some new parliamentary majority. We’re on a stage of political hibernation until the next election as a result of impaired trust among the parties in power,” says Borenovic.

From SNSD repeatedly reiterated in the last couple of days that they do not want in power at the state level and that they will remain the opposition until the elections in 2018.

On Monday will be held a special session of the National Assembly of the RS and there is only one item on the agenda “Information on the request for revision of the judgment of International Court of Justice by the lawsuit of BiH against Serbia and Montenegro”.

(Source: M.K./Klix.ba)

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