Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Presidency Member Sefik Dzaferovic spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel


Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency member Sefik Dzaferovic spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the Congress of the European People’s Party, which was held in Zagreb.

Dzaferovic informed Chancellor Merkel about the current situation in our country, the agreement which was reached on Tuesday in the BiH Presidency, and the decisions that were made. Merkel welcomed this agreement and congratulated BiH Presidency members.

Another topic of their talk was the migrant crisis, with Chancellor Merkel expressing Germany’s willingness to help deal with the crisis.

‘’BiH Presidency Member Dzaferovic thanked for the arrival of the German delegation to BiH and Germany’s willingness to provide assistance to our country,’’ the BiH Presidency said.

Dzaferovic especially thanked for the great support that Germany, and Chancellor Merkel personally, have been providing to BiH all this time.

‘’We all know for a long time that Chancellor Merkel carries BiH in her heart. I deeply respect the attention that she is giving to our country and the whole region,’’ Dzaferovic said.

Chancellor Merkel thanked Dzaferovic and confirmed that Germany’s support to our country would also continue in the future.


(Photo: radiosarajevo.ba)

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