Bosnia gets New Kilometers of Highway worth 225 Million Euros

After the completion of works on the subsection Zenica-south – Zenica-north of the highway A-1 through Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina received a new 11 kilometers of highway, which will be open for traffic until the end of next week.

Works on the construction of an 11-kilometer-long route of the A-1 highway through Zenica, the so-called Zenica bypasses have been completely completed.

Due to the demanding terrain, the construction of the Zenica bypass is one of the biggest challenges for investors, as well as for contractors who were forced to work on completely new conceptual solutions in some parts.

Reuf Kadric from Public Enterprise “FBiH Motorways” says: “There are about 50 buildings on the section itself, so a very small part of the route fell on the open route, which is caused by more complex geological material than we had in the main project, so additional research work had to be done and make additional solutions stable to use ”.

Due to all the above, construction costs increased by about 30 million to a total of 225 million euros, which was mostly financed by international creditors.

With the commissioning of this section, where there are four tunnels and the highest viaduct on the entire route of the future highway, the traffic from the part of the main road M17 through Zenica will be significantly relieved. In the next two years, the completion of new kilometres from Zenica to the north of the country is expected.

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