Bosnia to place Table Eggs on the EU Market by the End of this Year?

According to some estimates, Bosnia and Herzegovina should fulfill all the necessary conditions by the end of the year in order to place table eggs on the European market, and representatives of all three competent ministries are working quickly to fulfill that goal.

The activities done so far towards fulfilling that goal were analyzed on Friday by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Stasa Kosarac, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska Boris Pasalic and representatives of the relevant ministry of Federation of BiH.

”These three ministries, in accordance with their competencies, will fulfill the necessary obligations in order to realize this goal,” the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations stated after the meeting.

In addition, the meeting defined steps for the adoption of laws and other regulations that will enable the approval and use of EU funds in the field of agriculture.

The participants in the meeting expressed satisfaction that BiH submitted to the European Commission a completed revised questionnaire for the export of red meat to the EU market.

The meeting also discussed the need to reach an agreement on the methodology of agricultural census and animal marking as soon as possible, and it was agreed that the competent entity ministries and statistical agencies take all activities so that this process could be implemented in 2023.

”It was concluded that there is no need for the adoption of the law on agricultural census, but a unique methodology on the basis of which the census will be conducted, on which there is an agreement of the competent entity ministries and statistical agencies,” is stated in the statement.

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