Bosnian Aida was part of the Expedition that climbed to the Roof of Europe

Mountain climbers from all over BiH climbed to the roof of Europe, the top of the Caucasus – Elbrus, which is 5, 642 meters high, and they proudly displayed the flag of BiH. Aida Muminovic from Bugojno was among them.

“Everything went just fine, although we were waiting for a nice weather for a long period time. We slept in tents on snow at 4, 150 meters above the sea level for five days. Est Belgrade organized this expedition, and there were participants from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and BiH. This is the first time for someone from Bugojno to climb to Elbrus. The mountain is not demanding in technical sense but it is very cold, and all of us struggled with altitude sickness. Anyways, everything went just fine,” stated Muminovic.

She added that she has some interesting plans for the future, but she will reveal them when the right time comes.

“Let’s leave it as a surprise for BiH,” she concluded.

Elbrus is an inactive volcano in the western part of the Caucasus, near the Russian border with Georgia.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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