Bosnian Arminka Helić involved in the Divorce of Angelina and Brad?

686fd780-7425-11e4-_809813cAccording to the British tabloid Daily Mail, Brad Pitt wanted another chance with his wife Angelina Jolie and he said she is crazy, but she still loves her. The actor stated for The Sun that Angelina has many friends around her, but that he felt like that narrow circle around her has brainwashed her.

Allegedly, Pitt was angry after his wife appointed former associates of the British Minister of Foreign Affairs William Hague, Bosnian Arminka Helić and Chloe Dalton, to help her in the development of her political career. Furthermore, Daily Mail reports how Brad became unsatisfied with the appointment of political associates of Angelina Jolie and how he does not like the close relationship between Helić and his wife Jolie.

Brad Pitt felt as if Angelina is being brainwashed by Chloe, who was traveling with the family all the time. Brad and Angelina always made decisions together, and then she suddenly hired two assistants. Immediately after they arrived, Chloe and Helić demanded from brad to fire half of the staff that used to work for the Hollywood couple.

Allegedly, Helić was a mediator between Angelina Jolie and William Hague, who are working together in the campaign against women abuse. Jolie and Hague traveled to different countries together, working on this campaign.

Helić and Jolie visited Bosnia and Herzegovina two years ago, when they met with members of associations from Srebrenica in Potočari.

Arminka Helić, born in Gračanica, had great influence on Hague and his decisions. She accessed the Conservative Party in 1999 and she is holding the current position since 2006.

British media claim that attitudes of Arminka Helić can often be recognized in the appearances of the British chief of diplomacy and that she looms above him as a shadow. Helić has been living in Great Britain since the nineties.

Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Bitt on September 15.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: telegraph.co.uk)

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