Croatia to place Wire along the Border with BiH?

zica_granica-696x456At the moment, Croatia does not have a clear answer to the question what to do if the negotiations between European Union and Turkey about visa regime for Turkish citizens and refugees from Turkey who head towards the Balkan route fail next month. Concrete decisions have not been reached at the session of the Council for National Security held in Split on Saturday.

According to unofficial information, immigrants issue was one of the main topics of the session. Current Minister of Internal Affairs Vlaho Orepić still claims that Croatia will not place wire fence along the border with Serbia and that Croatia is ready for another wave of immigrants.

On the other side, the Croatian Democratic Union as the election winner and party that is to design the new Government is officially not declaring about this issue that might strike Croatia soon.

“Circumstances have changed drastically in comparison with the past year. Croatia will no longer be a transit country for the refugees. If we want to avoid Croatia turning into a hot spot for refugees, we must protect our borders and place wire along the border with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina,” stated a high official in the Croatian Government.

“It is now on experts in border security to tell us how we can secure our border and politics must accept that. If a wire must be placed, the politics must reach that decision. If the army is necessary, then the army should go,” said a high official in the Croatian Democratic Union.

Hungary is building another fence on the border with Serbia and Croatia. Austria announces construction of a fence on the border with Hungary, Italy and Slovenia. It is clear that in case of a new wave of immigrants, the immigrants will have nowhere to go from Croatia.

“That is why Croatia must actively protect its border with Serbia and BiH because once when dozens of hundreds of migrants enter Croatia and have nowhere further to go it will be too late,” the sources stated.

(Source: focus.ba)

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