Bosnian Border Police issued 21,084 Decisions on placing Persons in Isolation


Federal sanitary inspectors at border crossings issued a total of 21,084 decisions on placing persons under medical supervision and or restricted movement and isolation, the Federal Inspection Administration stated on Thursday.

According to the data available so far, the controls and measures included 2,527 Bosnian citizens residing in Republika Srpska entity who entered Bosnia and Herzegovina through border crossings located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina territory, and data – lists with names, surnames, and 253 citizens of BiH residing in the Brcko District.

The aforementioned supervision is carried out from March 15th, after the decision on obligatory sanitary supervision of Bosnian citizens has been passed.  Federal inspectors from all 10 inspectorates are deployed at 15 border crossings of BiH in the Federation of BiH area, where they carry out 24-hour sanitary checks on passengers entering the country.



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