Bosnian Citizens Want an Education that will Bring them Employment

studentsRecently, the information about launching BIT Camp, a six month intensive course for those who wish to learn Technics of programming and to get a job in one of the leading BH IT companies has been published.

The BIT Camp is intended to those who wish to become successful software developers no matter their current education or profession.

Since the competition for the participants has been open, over 400 application were received.

“We are very pleasantly surprised by this number and we are especially pleased to see people between age 16-40 applying for the BIT Camp. Among the candidates that filled our online form there are jurists, economist, psychologists and students of many universities. We are glad to see that the message we are sending is properly understood. Everyone who sees the future in the IT profession is welcome!” – stated the executive director of the BIT Alijansa, Zana Karkin.

The BIT Alijansa will organize this October an event entitled “BIT Camp open doors days”. The goal of this event is to connect professional software developers who are currently working in the IT companies with all those interested for the IT industry.

“We want to give a chance to future IT professionals to talk with the best experts from the IT field in B&H today.” – stated Demir Selmanović, the development manager of the company DevLogic.

The Open doors days will take place at the hall of the International University in Sarajevo on October 1st at 17:00 o’clock. We recommend to all those who want to know more about the leading IT companies in B&H, their experts and the technologies they use not to miss this event. It will be an opportunity to experience the BIT Camp and to participate at some interesting lectures offered to the first 25 students of the BIT Camp.

The IT profession is very popular today in B&H and in the world. There are not many professions useful as much as the profession of a software developer. Every software developer in Bosnia and Herzegovina is employed. The IT industry in B&H is strong enough to hire everyone who knows how to work and if we mention that the developer’s average salary is 2 or 3 times bigger than the average salary in B&H, it is clear that this is a very attractive field to work in.

We recall that the inscriptions to the first cycle of the BIT Camp are ongoing and that all 25 participants receive a scholarship of 7 000 BAM. Besides, the BIT Alijansa decided to offer a free participation at the BIT Camp to the participant who achieves the best results at the entrance exam.

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