Bosnian Company produces 55,000 Shirts for the Swiss Army


The company Bontex from Maglaj signed a major contract for the delivery of 55,000 shirts to the Swiss Army with a Swiss partner firm Weder-Meier, Biznis Info reports.

That was the purpose of the visit of a Swiss delegation to this successful company. In order to meet the deadline, Bontex will have to deliver up to 8,000 shirts per week.

Bontex exists for 13 years and produces men’s and women’s shirts, which it exports to Western markets. The company has over 200 employees today and is planning to increase that number due to market demands.

“We were forced to decrease the production of fashion shirts and turn to production of fashion blouses and shirts for the Swiss Army and the Ministry of Justice of Slovenia. However, we kept about 50 buyers for whom we produce fashion blouses,” said Senaid Husic, the owner of Buntex. In order to meet the deadline, we’ll need more workers and a lot is invested in the training of workers, Husic said according to

“There’ll be jobs, we just need workers,” Husic said.

The heads of the firm Weder-Meier have only praise for Bontex.

“We have very important contracts with this firm and our goal to successfully implement them. The market isn’t really stable and our wish is to keep what we have and increase production in the future,” Bojan Mamula, the director of Weder-Meier said during a visit to Bontex and added that the most important is product quality, as well as meeting deadline.

Representatives of the Swiss Army also had an opportunity to see for themselves how shirts for their soldiers would be made.

“The Swiss Army had an international tender for the delivery of shirts and Weder Meier and Bontext succeeded in getting this job and we’re very satisfied with that we see here. This year, we’ll need 55,000 shirts and a part has already been delivered. We also have plans for next year, but we’ll discuss them later,” Adreas Stier, a representative of the Swiss Army, said in Maglaj.

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