Bosnian Company produces IKEA Furniture in the Heart of the Forest in Kladanj

Delegation of the Government of Canton Tuzla led by the Prime Minister Jakub Suljkanovic and the Mayor of the Municipality of Kladanj Jusuf Cavkunovic visited the company Ramex in Kladanj.

Company Ramex is the leader of the wood industry in this area, and this company produces for the world-famous Ikea in the heart of the forest.

This company from Kladanj currently employs more than 350 workers.

Prime Minister Suljkanovic stated that the government is working on creating better business cooperation between PE “Forests of TC” and the company Ramex with the aim to further increase employment and attract investors.

The main pillars for the development of the Municipality of Kladanj are wood industry and forestry. Therefore, it is important to create better business opportunities for both of these fields.

“It is possible to see that through our products as well as the fact that these people who work here deserve to work and they need raw material. Their only problem is the supply of raw material and a special focus must be placed on that issue.”

We have the potential for further development and opening of new workplaces,” stated the owner of the company RAMEX Ltd. Kladanj, Ramiz Hajdarevic.


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