Bosnian Language Still a Minimum Requirement for Bosniak Students to Start New School Year

Parlament-djeca-Konjevic-poljeA representative of the parents of Bosniak students from Vrbanjci in Kotor Varoš, Nedžad Smajlović reiterated today that the minimum requirement that the children start school is the introduction of the Bosnian language in the school curriculum or otherwise children will not go to classes in the new school year which begins on Monday, 1 September. Smajlović in a statement to FENA specified that just ahead of 1 September they have failed to reach a compromise with the representatives of the competent ministry. He also says that it is unacceptable for the parents to hear the statements from Minister of Education and Culture of RS Goran Mutabdžija that they would not introduce the national group of subjects in schools until solution is reached on the entire territory of BiH, that is until Serb students get the same right in the Federation BH to study the national group of subjects. Bosniak students in RS have nothing to do with what is happening in the FBiH and they are paying for it anyways. Apparently, this ministry proposed to introduce a subject that all students would call the mother tongue, and it would be taught by a teacher of Serbian language, while Bosniak students would have the right to use textbooks from the Federation of BiH.


(Source: Fena)

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