Courts in BiH solved almost 150.000 of Unsolved Cases in 2017

In the year of 2017, according to the current data of annual analysis and monitoring of process of solving cold cases, courts in BiH solved a total of 150.000 cold cases. This number represents a result of long-term practice of plans for solving cold cases that was introduced by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH (VSTV BiH) in the year of 2011 with the goal of decreasing the age structure and a large number of old unsolved cases.

To be more precise, in the period from January 1, until December 31, 2017, courts in BiH solved a total of 149.154 cold cases. When it comes to courts of the FBiH, a total of 98.615 cases were solved. At the same time, courts in the RS solved 46.115 cases. Courts of Brcko District BiH solved 2.780 cases, while the Court of BiH solved 1.644 of cold cases.

At first, the plans were applied only by courts with large number of unsolved cold cases, and in the year of 2015, the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH adopted new Guideline for drafting a plan for solving cases, with which was provided that all courts in BiH are obliged to create their own plan. In the period from 2011 and 2017, courts solved more than 800.000 cold cases.

(Source: klix.ba)

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