Bosnian Rijad Saric publishes Research Paper in the Prestigious Biomedical Engineering Journal


“We are honoured to share another outstanding achievement of our scholar Rijad (Rick) Sarić. Last year, he successfully defended his master thesis in the area of embedded system engineering with the highest grade (A) at International Burch University (IBU). His research covers the implementation of FPGA-based expert system based on Artificial Neural Network for real-time classification of epileptic seizures using raw EEG signals. In the agreement with his main supervisor Prof. Jokić and co-supervisors Prof. Beganović, Prof. Gurbeta-Pokvić and Prof. Badnjević, he ambitiously decided to submit an extended version of his master thesis to the prestigious Elsevier Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (BSPC) journal,” is stated by BH Futures Foundation.

Publication of state-of-the-art findings or development is the best way to prove the novelty of submitted research work. It is always recommended to find a journal based on the audience which authors want to reach. Impact factor and indexing are two common parameters for assessing the quality of the journal. The BSPC journal has an impact factor of 3.1 and indexing in top databases. We asked Rijad to describe his journey towards his first journal publication, keeping in mind he already has nearly ten peer-reviewed publications at such a young age. Here is what he said:

“After receiving editor’s email saying that my scientific article has been accepted for publication, it was a sense of accomplishment, joy and appreciation at the same time. I felt that my research work is worthwhile. The peer-review process was almost one year, and it required a lot of patience during the improvement of the research paper based on the comments and suggestions of reviewers. This truly gives me the motivation to plan and work on upcoming innovative R&D projects. I know that BH Futures Foundation will always be here to support and guide me during my professional career and I will in return help educate the next generation of young researchers from Bosnia & Herzegovina.”

As always, we are delighted with Rijad’s professional and research achievements. During IEEE SYPC 2019 held in Banja Luka, students and participants had an opportunity to attend Rijad’s workshop on undertaking research, writing scientific papers, and lunching international experience. Additionally, we are proud of the fact that he has become one of the youngest researchers in Bosnia and Herzegovina who first-authored a scientific article in such a high impact factor and top indexed journal.

You can read the article via the following LINK.


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