Brčko District: Soon the renewal of talks with potential investors

Mayor of Brčko District Anto Domić announced that soon he’ll renew the talks with potential investors, among them is ”Vindija” Varaždin,  in order to check are there any interests in investing in Brčko.

Domić said that it is necessary, in order for Government of the District to define future activities, i.e. to work on the creation of conditions for the realization of investments.

He reminded that representatives of ”Vindija” in September 2008 proposed to mayor Mirsad Đapo the building of chicken farms in the village of Dubrave in the southern part of the District, and the building of similar projects in Brezovo Polje and Bukvik.

”It was a project that was supposed to be the driving force of Brčko worth 27 million EUR which would employ 1000 workers. ”Vindija” planned to produce 70 tons of meat and meat products and 50 000 litres of milk and milk products in Brčko District”, said Domić.

”Vindija” bought in Brčko more than 1 million square metres of land, and it planned to cooperate with 4000 rural households.


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