British Ambassador Organized A Reception on Occasion of the Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

IMG1066By: Nevena Šarenac

The Ambassador of Great Britain to BiH Nigel Casey hosted an official reception last night at his residence on the occasion of the birthday of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Representatives of the diplomatic and military coprs, and political and religious figures in BiH attended the reception.

Ambassador Casey expressed his satisfaction that they are hosting a traditional celebration of the Queen’s birthday in the capital city of BIH.

This reception was also an opportunity to present the campaign “Creativity is Great Britain”, which began one year ago during the Olympic Games in London with the goal to present British capabilities to the world, not only in the area of sport and business, but also in education, culture and other areas.

An inevitable question was the current situation in BiH caused by protests from the citizens, and Ambassador Casey reiterated that people in our country have a right to a legitimate manner of public expression of opinion, but that security agencies must manage the process in such a way so that institutions function normally.

He said that he hopes that members of the Council of Ministers and the BiH Parliament restore regular duties and would make decisions that are important for BiH in the context of the upcoming accession of Croatia to the EU.

The editor of ‘Sarajevo Times’ Maša Branković had the honor to attend the official celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

The birthday of Queen Elizabeth II is on 21 April, but it is traditionally celebrated in June.

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