Exhibition ‘Mitomanija’ in Banja Luka

mitomanijaTransparency International BiH (TI BiH) in cooperation with Embassy of the USA has started the project through which will present drawings of BiH authors, both professional and amateurs who in creative ways depicted corruption of BiH society.

With that aim, TI BiH, after a successful exhibition in Mostar and in Sarajevo, is organising an exhibition in Banja Luka called ‘Mitomanija’ where the works of artists who were chose as the best in the competition which TI BIH had published, as well as works of professional authors who participated in the project.

The exhibition will be opened in Staklenac at 6 p.m. by representatives of the USA Embassy to BiH and TI BiH.

The exhibition will be opened from 14 to 23 June to everyone.

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