British Minister on the Topic of sending additional Troops to BiH

British Minister of Defense, Gavin Williamson, stated that the United Kingdom will deploy 40 additional people in BiH, who will join the expert, supervision and intelligence team of EUFOR in the next six months.

Williamson confirmed that the UK will deploy 40 additional persons within the military operation ALTHEA, which is the EUFOR’s operation in BiH.

“While the relationship between the UK and the EU is changing, our unconditional commitment to European security will remain the same,” noted Minister Williamson.

British minister also stated that a clear message was sent with their further engagement in NATO airspace and deployment of additional units in BiH.

“We are committed to solve new challenges and conventional threats with our allies and partners,” stated Minister Williamson.

“As before, the structure and capacities of EUFOR are changing with the aim to provide support to the authorities of BiH and the forces are adjusted in order to fulfil their tasks. I can confirm that additional capacities for EUFOR are being provided in accordance with the outcome of the strategic review for the year odn2017, and in compliance with the directive of the Political and Security Committee (PSC), based on the assessment of Operational Commander of Operation ALTHEA, and without an increase of the total number of soldiers,” said Commander of EUFOR in BiH, Major General Martin Dorfer.

“This is a regular procedure. The UK agreed to deploy a smaller scout unit that will be under the EUFOR command, and its main goal will be to provide support to the commander for the mission of securing a safe and stable environment in BiH,” noted Dorfer.

(Source: klix.ba)

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