Brothers Stipe and Franjo Crnjac are only Pupils in the School near Siroki Brijeg

Brothers Stipe and Franjo Crnjac will be the only pupils of the Second Elementary School in Donja Britvica near Siroki Brijeg on Monday, September 3.

These two brothers will be the only pupils in the entire school from the beginning of the new school year but they said that it is not bothering them too much since they like to play together because there are only few children in the village.

The number of children in this school recorded a fast decline during the last ten years, and these two brothers will be the only ones in school this year. Younger Franjo (7) will attend the first, and Stipe (10) the fifth grade.

“There are only few children in the village and they will be the only two in the school this year. It is good that the school is very close to our home and we can talk with the teacher on an everyday basis, but it is not good because I do not know how it will be when they go to Siroki Brijeg. They will probably find it a bit unusual, but it is a large advantage that teacher can work more with them and devote much more time to them,” said mother of boys, Dubravka Crnjac.

After the older son starts attending the school in Siroki Brijeg, the younger one will probably continue going to the school in Donja Britvica.

“It may not have a lot of sense for the child to go to school alone and be the only pupil there, but the situation will not change for us after Stipe goes to Siroki Brijeg,” said their mother, and noted that her children will decide on their transfer to the other school.

“In case that Franjo wants to move to another school, we will fulfil his wish, but I do not think that will be necessary. He will be practicing football because he likes it so there will be plenty opportunities for hanging out with other children,” said mother Dubravka.

The village of Donja Britvica is located around 10 kilometers north of Siroki Brijeg, and there are about 80 residents in the whole village.

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