Building Permit for Bridge on Sava Near Gradiška

most-preko-saveMinister of Transport and Communications of the RS Nedeljko Čubrilović expressed hope that next year Croatia will issue a building permit for the construction of a bridge on the Sava near Gradiška.

“I think that the Croatian side is pressed with obligations towards the international community and that next week should issue building permits’’, said Čubrilović to journalists in Teslić.

He recalled that three years ago the RS and BiH were ready to undertake the building of a bridge, but that they encountered problems from the Croatian side.

Čubrilović relayed these problems to the local and parliamentary election in Croatia.

He recalled that the RS government in 2004 has been leading activities on the construction of a bridge on the Sava near Gradiška and that all necessary documents and permits have been ensured, as well as the money.

The total value of the project is 50 million euros, and 50 percent of the funds will be provided by Croatia and BiH.

(Source: ekapija)

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