Business Association Jelah-Tesanj records Annual Gross Turnover of Two Billion BAM


The Business Association Jelah-Tesanj gathers 225 members and records an annual gross turnover of 2 billion BAM, it was said during the visit of the Zenica-Doboj Canton delegation to this association, eKapija reports.

Although Tesanj has traditionally been the most represented sector of the automotive and metal industries, lately the food and textile, leather and footwear sectors are growing in strength, which despite the fact that it is a low-accumulation branch, is registering better results.

“I would compare the textile industry to the metal industry. I am also optimistic about textiles and the customers themselves and the business. We have secured for ourselves for the next five years both the business and the capacities,”said Adem Handzic, director of a textile company in Tesanj.

With more infrastructure and projects aimed at improving the business environment, businessmen from Tesanj insisted during the meeting that the government should be a more efficient service to the economy, but also for a fairer implementation of certain legal solutions that directly affect business and reinvestment, Federal Television reported.

“We talked about the realization of corporate income tax, since in 2019 the municipality of Tesanj, that is, economic entities, allocated about 10 million BAM on the basis of corporate income tax, which makes it the number one in the canton,” said Senad Brka, president of the Association of Businessmen Jelah-Tesanj.



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